Borealis Broadband Internet Provider

Business Casual Internet Service

Anchorage and Eagle River

If you're a small business that uses the Internet for basic services like web pages, e-mail, and occasional file transfers, then this service plan might be just right for your budget. You get the same highly reliable, professional-quality symmetric bandwidth as all of our business customers do, but your light usage means you get to pay less. If your company outgrows this service level, then take a peek at our Business Essential service levels.

We protect this low-priced, entry-level service for our small business clients by metering this service, although we have set generous data usage limits. Our Business Casual Internet Service plan is designed to provide all the benefits of a professional quality broadband Internet connection to your small business at the lowest price possible.

Don't forget that at Borealis, you always get Symmetric bandwidth - the bandwidth in or out of your network is the same, and it adjusts itself depending on whether you need to download or upload data at any given time.

We are proud to offer 100Mbps and higher service levels upon request. Please call for a free location eligibility assessment!

Service Details
  • Professional-Quality, High-Reliability Broadband Internet Service
  • Symmetric Bandwidth
  • 24x7x365 Answering Service with Telephone and On-Site support provided during normal business hours (9AM - 6PM M-F).
  • Multiple computers supported (Requires Firewall Router)
  • Comprehensive Installation Support
  • Metered Service with high limits*
  • One Static Public IP Address
Monthly Plans
Pricing starting as low as $50/ month, plans available with speeds up-to 500Mbps+.
Contact us today by phone or email us for a custom quote and free location eligibility check.
Also see our Business Essential and Business Critical service categories.

(*) If you go over your usage limit, you will be notified by us and offered a higher service level. If you choose *not* to accept the higher service level and *still* go over the limit, then you will be billed an additional $1 per 10 GB that you use over your limit.

Some of the higher service levels may not be available in all service areas yet. Call us for details. 907-563-3278 or email us.