Borealis Broadband Internet Provider

Our Privacy Policy

Borealis Broadband's privacy policy is very straightforward.

We do not transfer or in any other way disseminate your private information to other companies or individuals except where required when working with our service partners.

By "private information" we mean your physical address, service level information, email addresses, name and any other information we may collect through the course of your service with us.

We will never sell your information to anyone. We will never transfer your private information to Telemarketers or any sales company or individuals.

We hold your information in strict confidence and strive to safeguard it with the same prudence and effort that we safeguard our own information.


A Court of Law may order us to release information because of a legal action, investigation, or similar process. In such a case we are required to release information, even if that information falls under this privacy policy. You will receive notification of any such request if legally able to do so.

Please Note:

Hacking, Phishing, Spamming, Virus Distribution, or any other activity that causes harm to, or disrupts the operation of the network or our customers, is strictly prohibited and will result in the termination of your service as well as potential legal action.

Be forewarned - we pursue this aggressively. Once such activities are logged, it is too late for you.