Borealis Broadband Internet Provider

Disaster Recovery Communication

If Borealis Broadband isn’t part of your Disaster
Recovery plan, then you don’t have the right plan!

If you use wire line data services for your business or government agency and you rely on those services even in the event of a disaster, then Borealis Broadband should definitely be part of your Disaster Recovery and Preparedness planning.

An extension of our Business Internet Service is our Disaster Recovery Communication service.

This service is designed to provide your business or government agency an alternate data communication transport in case of a disaster as well as Rapid Restoration Service* should the disaster also affect a portion or all of our network.

Contracts for this service are custom-made for your organization.
Please call us for details (907) 563-3278 or email us

Borealis Broadband's network has some very unique qualities that make us the perfect partner for your Disaster Preparedness planning. Here are some points for you to consider:

  • We are completely wireless. This makes restoring links in case of earthquake or other disaster very fast, assuming our network also sustains damage. Some disasters such as floods or minor earthquakes that could damage the wireline infrastructure may not affect us at all.

  • We are completely independent. Our network connects to our Tier 1 Internet provider directly at their facilities. Everything else is owned and operated by us. No other wireline services are used. We are the logical choice to back up your wireline data services.

  • We offer Symmetric, Ethernet-like service. This means that Voice over IP and Video Conferencing services would be immediately available through our network.

  • An Extensive Infrastructure increases the chances that all or part of our network will survive a disaster.

  • We use Flexible Wireless Technology. Because of the type of technology we use, we have the ability to rapidly establish transmission facilities on just about any tall structure.

  • Local Loop Service Included. As is standard with Borealis, your local-loop service is included with the Internet service. High-capacity, low-latency connections to other locations in Anchorage can enhance coordination with other agencies.

  • Extended Reach. Our infrastructure can reach where others can't. In the case of disaster, we can rapidly establish communication services to Field Locations.

* Rapid Restoration means that your location is prioritized for service restoration, in case a disaster affects your facilities or ours. Rapid Restoration services are prioritized with the highest priority given to Emergency Service agencies.