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Mount Susitna (aka Sleeping Lady)
The Hilton Hotel roof provides this view of one of the more famous Anchorage landmarks. Mount Susitna is about 40 air miles west of Anchorage across the Cook Inlet and rises to an elevation of 4,396 feet above sea level. This mountain sits between the Chugach Range to the south of Anchorage and the Alaska Range to the north. We used a 4X telephoto lens to get you up close. Visible in the foreground is the Small Boat Dock and the Cook Inlet.

Mount Susitna is also known to most Anchorage residents as The Sleeping Lady because it looks like a sleeping maiden with her arms folded across her chest.

Please Note: Daylight Camera only. Fog, Clouds or Bad Weather may hide the Sleeping Lady from view. Images are also taken and displayed at night but will have heavy banding across the picture. This is normal. Check here for a daytime reference image.

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