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McGrath, Alaska - Cap'n Snow Center
This camera is looking up-river, southeast, from the Cap'n Snow Center in McGrath, Alaska. This is an excellent vantage point to watch several iconic Alaskan events as well as the changing seasons of the Upper Kuskokwim River. In February, you will glimpse the Irondog , the worlds longest toughest snowmobile(snow-machine) race and catch the racers speeding down the frozen Kuskokwim river. In March, this camera catches the activity of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, as teams come into and depart from the McGrath checkpoint. Witness "break-up" when the ice goes out in May. If you guess the right time, your ticket could be the big winner! In summer, a good, old-fashioned 4th of July Parade gets underway at this spot. River life is floating in a colorful kayak down to Sand Island or boating to fish or moose camp. Enjoy seeing some of the beauty and fun that McGrath has to offer! Come visit McGrath!

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