Symmetric Bandwidth

"Symmetric Bandwidth" means that you can transmit OR receive communication at the same speed on the network. 

This is standard with Borealis Broadband - our entire network is built around a symmetric bandwidth model.  More specifically, when you connect to us, you're almost literally connecting to a very fast Ethernet network and you get all the associated benefits, the symmetric bandwidth being just one of them.

The difference is easy to see.  For example:

An asymmetric Cablemodem or DSL service level of 1 Mbps may provide you with a 1 Mbps download, but only a 256 Kbps upload speed (varies by provider).

So, when you download a web page, you get it at 1 Mbps but when you send out an email, it drops down to roughly 1/4th of your service level.

For most home and casual Internet users, this is quite tolerable, since there will be few users uploading simultaneously in a home. 

However, for a business, this low upload speed can rapidly become a significant bottleneck as multiple users consume the very limited upload bandwidth, which will then also affect the download capacity, bringing it to a crawl.

A business absolutely needs to have symmetric bandwidth.  You should insist on nothing less.

By comparison, Borealis Broadband delivers symmetric bandwidth as standard fare across all of its services, including our residential service. 

A 1 Mbps service level from Borealis means that you can download at up to 1 Mbps, upload at up to 1 Mbps or any combination in between. 

The network will dynamically adjust to your current upload or download needs, just like ethernet.

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