What good is your Internet connection if it's not up and running when you need it?  Do you find yourself wondering if you'll have Internet access today while you're working on a project deadline?

And that's only the half of it.  If you can watch grass grow faster than your email uploads, then that's almost as bad as if it were down entirely.

For Borealis, reliability means that not only is the link up and running at all times, but the bandwidth is there to service your company when you need it to be.  You should be able to count on that as surely as the rising sun and we dedicate much of our efforts in the background to make sure this is always the case.

True Story:  We responded to a trouble call from one of our business customers and no one in their office except for their technician recognized us.  Although this business had been on our network for about seven years, they hadn't had a need to call us for over three and a half years and, as they say, "out of sight, out of mind".  Even though it almost hurt our feelings**, we were satisfied that if you can forget who your Internet service provider is, then we must be doing good.

**That also made us realize that we don't typically get calls from our online business customers for years and years.  A happy fact in terms of reliability, but it did make us have to hurt our marketing person and we're almost sorry about that.

Reliability is one of the reasons we have such a loyal customer base.  Our entire focus is on providing Internet and related services, nothing else.

Our reliability is also one of the reasons AT&T Alascom chose Borealis to deliver its self-branded Broadband Business and Residential Internet service through our network.

If you can remember the last time your Internet connection was down or you keep wondering if you're computer's crashed because the email progress bar isn't moving, you don't have to continue suffering.  Give us a call at   563-3278.

Still not sure?  Call us for references and hear it directly from our customers.




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