Our Reach





Our Reach

No telecom carrier in Anchorage covers every single part of the Anchorage bowl (and we're no exception), but we do have spectacular capabilities and a surprisingly large and constantly growing coverage area.

We are able to provide Professional quality broadband Internet service in areas you might not otherwise expect, even where you might have given up hope of ever receiving a quality broadband business service.

Also, because we use wireless technology and we own our entire infrastructure, we can introduce service in new areas very quickly - our infrastructure can go wherever we want it to go.

Delivering the best Professional Internet Service to well-developed areas is no big trick - extending that quality of service to less-developed parts of the Anchorage bowl, that's typical Borealis.  Here are some examples:

  The Glenn Highway weigh station is eight miles north of Anchorage and about 10.5 miles from our nearest base station.  Even so, they enjoy a high quality Internet connection from Borealis that is capable of delivering up to 9.6 Mbps of Symmetric bandwidth.  See our webcam at that location!  
  Industrial areas are typically under-developed for communication services here in Anchorage - until we came along, that is.  From Huffman Business Park to the Ship Creek industrial area and pretty much everything in between - we've got you covered.  If you're part of the blue-collar workforce building Alaska, you deserve the same high quality of Internet service as everyone else and we're here to give it to you.  
  Our reach extends even down to the Potter Marsh area, as evidenced by our webcam located at the Potter Marsh Weigh Station and the happy smiles on the faces of the people at the Ranger Station.   Where no one else could deliver, we did.  Imagine going from modem speed to 2 Mbps symmetric broadband overnight - it could be you.  
  We also cover the Airport Area in west Anchorage.  Hangars, cargo areas, office buildings, etc., are all within reach of our Professional quality broadband Internet service.  Private pilots may also be interested in taking a peek at our Mount Susitna webcam - it's there because of numerous requests from private pilots who want to view weather conditions over the mountain.  

Just because you're off the beaten path doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your Internet connection.  Give us a call at   563-3278.

Still not sure?  Call us for references and hear it directly from our customers.




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