Professional Quality

Business Internet Service providers are not created equal.  The quality of service you get isn't determined by who is the biggest or has the lowest price, it's determined by a range of factors, most important of which is how they run their network.

Borealis owns its entire network and uses absolutely no outside provider's infrastructure except where we plug into our Internet feed.  This allows us to control the quality of our network from our Internet source all the way to your business' doorstep. 

We don't sell phone service, TV service or toasters.  We have nothing to distract us from our primary goal - delivering you a professional quality Internet connection.

And, we always choose quality over quantity.  We have no desire to be the biggest business ISP in Anchorage, only the best.  That's our niche in life.

Here are some real world examples of what Professional Quality means, taken directly from some of our customers' statements:

  Going from being frustrated that you can't even maintain a VPN connection to your remote offices with your previous provider, to now considering video conferencing with those same remote offices when connected to Borealis.  Viva la difference.  
  Moving your telephones over to our Internet connection and using Voice over IP not just because of the cost savings, but in large part because you've determined we're more reliable than your company's voice lines.  
  Arguing with a Telephone Company representative about the less-than-stellar quality of their ISP service, while using our network performance statistics as the benchmark for what their service should be like.  (Our engineers were particularly tickled with that one.)  
  Being told for years by every other service provider that they can't reach your company's location and you're stuck with a modem connection, only to have us come along and drop 2 Mbps symmetric bandwidth to your doorstep overnight.  We got a standing ovation for that one - no kidding.  
  Having your staff forget that we're your Internet provider when we come to visit because you haven't had a need to call us with a problem for over three years and "out of sight, out of mind".  That one almost hurt our feelings.  
  Working for the biggest telephone company in the world, a company that is literally the definition of communication quality and only trusting one company in Anchorage (Borealis, of course) to deliver the same level of quality to your choice of locations.  
  And the coup de grace . . . . Having the largest telephone company in the world, after extensive testing of our network which lasted more than a year, declare that we meet or exceed their quality requirements to carry their own-labeled Internet service across our network.  

Last but not least, our business customer attrition rate (i.e. the number of business customers leaving us for the competition) is near ZERO, as measured over the last nine years.  Once our business customers join our network, they don't leave - especially if they've already tried the other providers. 

Isn't it time you tried us for your business?  Don't be the only one left on a bad network.  Call us today.   563-3278

Still not sure?  Call us for references and hear it directly from our customers.




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