Competitive Pricing

Professional quality symmetric Internet bandwidth, high reliability and an extensive reach into areas not normally served . . . sounds expensive, doesn't it?

It is, if you try and buy this from the "other" guys, assuming they can even deliver it in the first place.

We do things a little differently here.  At Borealis, you can count on the following:

  Pricing that's competitive with the other guys, even the ones that care more about your phone or television service than your Internet.  
  The same price no matter where you connect to our Infrastructure.  Hard-to-reach for them is usually not hard-to-reach for us.  
  We will never ask you to switch your phone or TV service.  We don't really care who you use for those services - our focus is strictly Internet.  
  A level of quality that is noticeably better than what you're used to, at a price that you're used to**.  
  ** Beware of very high speed service levels with low metering limits offered by some companies.  They are rarely in your best interest unless you don't use the Internet much.  The metering overcharges can easily result in a bill that's 2-3 times higher than you expect (or more).  If in doubt, call us and we'll explain the difference.  If you still think it's a good idea, we may very well offer to match the service level and pricing.  

Compare us to any other carrier in town and you'll see our pricing is highly competitive.  No hidden "wire center" charges, no "mileage" charges and no "extra" charges just because your company might be off the beaten path.

We even offer three different "categories" of service at different pricing levels to more closely match your service with your needs and your budget.  For example:

Service Category   Bandwidth Range   Description

Business Casual

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256 Kbps - 8 Mbps


  Best suited for your entry-level, or small business connection to the Internet that will have relatively light usage.  We meter this category of service to prevent abuse and to be able to maintain rock-bottom pricing, although our metering limits are set very high.  If your company is small and only needs to cruise the web, exchange email or transfer occasional files, this is the category for you.

Business Essential

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256 Kbps - 8 Mbps


  This category is for all sizes of businesses that depend on the Internet.  It is not metered, we can assign more public IP addresses and the support hours are extended.  If your company uses the Internet a lot, sends or receives large files, would like to video conference, hosts your own servers, etc., then this is the category best suited to you.

Business Critical

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256 Kbps - 100 Mbps


  Designed to compete directly with Fractional or Full T1 or fiber lines, this category of service is the best we have.  We set aside bandwidth, provide 24/7 support, assign public IP subnets and more.  If you're a hosting company or a large business that heavily depends on Internet service and bandwidth at all times, then this is the category for you and we can provide just about any amount of bandwidth you want.

Give us a call at   563-3278 or send an email to and let us provide you a quote.

Still not sure?  Call us for references and hear it directly from our customers.




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