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Service Coverage Area

Below is a map of The Fringe (our wireless network).  Red shaded areas denote where we provide coverage.

Please note the following particulars:

1.  Line-of-Sight is required for connectivity.  That means you generally have to be able to see our cell site from your roof (although it can be many miles away).  We'll do a site visit to verify that line-of-sight exists before a service commitment is made.  In some cases, even if line-of-sight doesn't exist, service may still be available through our secondary non-line-of-sight technology.  This mostly applies to South Anchorage.

2.  We have quite a few cell sites.  Chances are that if you can't see one, you might be able to see another.

3.  If you're not located in our service area, give us a call anyway.  Sometimes we do magic.  Our network continues to grow in coverage every month too.

4. Unlike the other guys, we take our service levels seriously.  We reserve the right to decline service delivery if we feel that, because of obstructions or other factors, we cannot provide a minimum level of quality for your service connection.  Even if you're in our service area.

Coverage Area for Anchorage, Alaska  (Highlighted in Red)

Coverage Area for McGrath, Alaska

All areas of McGrath, Alaska have coverage.  Check here for information on our McGrath network.