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A Guide to Billing for Support Services

Borealis performs a wide variety of support functions for its customers, some free and some billable.  We use some simple policies to determine what is billable and what isn't.  This page describes the policies and will help you determine if your support call will be billed or not.

Free Support Criteria:  Support is provided for free during installation and any time the network is suspected of being at fault on an issue.  Examples are as follows:

Free Installation Support   For Business:  Installation and configuration of Borealis radio client and any Borealis routers deployed.  Includes service level verification testing.  We'll even configure your own router for you.

For Residential:  Installation and configuration of Borealis radio client, one firewall router* (if present) and up to two ethernet-connected computers.  Includes service level verification testing.

*Note:  Free installation support does not include configuration of the wireless function for the common home Wi-Fi routers.  This is an involved process and is charged for separately.

Free Trouble Support  

Network Performance Issues

Network Disconnect Issues

Server problems

Email problems

Network downtime of any sort

IP Configuration, Email & Basic Service configuration


Billed Support Criteria:  We bill for support calls when they are not related to a problem on the network or on our servers and are not already covered under the Free Support criteria above

Please Note:    
Business Support Price  

$95.00 /hour during business hours

$225.00 /hour after business hours

Residential Support Price   $75.00 /hour

Examples of billable support are as follows:

Billable Support   Virus scanning and cleaning of computers.  Easily the number one performance problem for home computers.  We also provide free tools for you to do it yourself.

Repairing, moving or replacing the antenna or radio client after the initial installation.  Exception: Repairing a damaged antenna due to "Acts of God" such as weather is not billed if the gear is owned by Borealis.

Configuring the Wi-Fi (wireless) portion of a home Firewall Router.  This is an involved process and not part of the initial installation support.  Check here for some tips on doing it yourself.

General Computer Support.  This would include repairing your computer, installing peripherals, loading or configuring software for you, etc.

Training.  Inexpensive training classes are offered by Borealis periodically depending on demand.


We'll add more examples to the list as we run across them.  In the meantime, if you're not sure if a support call will be billable or not, please don't hesitate to call us or send email to